Friday, January 6, 2012

The Code (2011)

The Code is a six-minute short film that I was asked (via the comments section) to review by one of the film's actors, Taylor Brandt.  It won a bunch of awards at last year's Splatterfest, so why not?  I like requests, I like horror, and I'm down with helping some up-and-comers.

The premise is simple.  A couple is foolishly making out in a public place, when zombies show up, looking for some sweet human flesh.  But then a weed wacker-wielding masked maniac shows up.  What looked to be as easy as shooting babies in a barrel turns into a discussion of monster group scheduling. 
...and laundry tips for the undead.  How do you keep your whites so crisp?

The Code isn't straight-up horror; it's more of a comedy with a love of horror in its heart.  How is it?  Well, it's only six minutes long.  There's some decent low-budget gore, there's an okay comedic bit, and the premise is kind of clever. 
It's probably not going to rock your world, but it's good for what it is.  I would expect funnier dialogue and more gruesome kills from a feature length, but I sure as hell would rather see a feature film from this group than, say, this piece of trashThe Code is a promising start from some new-ish filmmakers that were operating under some specific contest guidelines and time constraints, which makes this even more impressive.  Not a bad start, guys.

Give it a view and you can judge it for yourself:

The Code - watch more funny videos

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