Lefty Gold

Lefty Gold is a term I use for unexpected greatness.  I believe the term's origin came from my ineptitude at playing pool, but it could be from any number of things that I suck at with my left hand.  Lefty Gold movies are those films that are so bad in so many ways that their badness becomes awesome.  For a movie to be considered Lefty Gold, it will have little to no objective movie value.  It will, however, have a combination of the following:
  • Noticeably inept editing --- isn't that character dead?
  • Ridiculous plot twists --- the kind that were probably written by a six year-old coke fiend
  • Out of left field gore --- is he choking that guy with his own intestine?
  • Comically bad acting --- bad enough to make Vin Diesel look like Laurence Olivier
  • Unexplained/underexplained ridiculous story elements --- like, why is your partner a time-traveling dinosaur detective?
  • A script that forces the viewer to come to their own conclusions to force the movie to make sense --- In Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, the kids take a cruise (on Crystal Lake) and end up floating into New York Harbor past the Statue of Liberty.  This teaches us that they were coming into the harbor via the Atlantic, so Crystal Lake is obviously a few miles east of New York City, which places it in the Atlantic Ocean.  See?  Logic!

Lefty Gold movies are notoriously hard to watch alone.  Paying too close attention to these movies may cause aneurysms.  They are designed for people that are distracted by other things, be it conversation with friends, the effects of alcohol, or (preferably) a combination of the two.  Kids: don't do drugs.

Here's a list of some Lefty Gold I've reviewed so far: