Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Horror: 3 Years and Still Stabbin' Away

It begins...!

Once again, I am planning to review nothing but horror movies this October, with a goal of reaching 31 reviews in 31 days.  Given my output over the last few months, that may be optimistic.  Thankfully, I'm a man with a plan and have actually mapped out some of the movies I want to see this year, instead of just randomly selecting things on Netflix.

If there are any must-see horror flicks that I need to review, drop me a comment.  I'll keep an updated list of what I've reviewed this month and have planned below.

Bless the Child 
The Brood
The Cabin in the Woods
Final Destination 5 
The Grudge
Halloween (2007)
Halloween II (2009) 
Halloween III: Season of the Witch
Jason X
Ju-On: The Grudge 
The Last House On the Left (1972) 
Lord of Illusions 
Piranha 3DD 
The Prophecy
Silent House 
Sorority House Massacre 
Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
The Wicker Man (2006)

[EDITED 11/2/12]
Well...that didn't work out exactly as I had planned.  I was aiming for 31 reviews in 31 days, but fell behind almost immediately.  Shockingly, it wasn't just with the reviews, but with the movie watching.  Out of all the intended (but not reviewed) movies I selected, only CHUD and The Innkeepers ever made it to the viewing stage.  I could blame it on a finger injury that hindered the tip of my middle finger, or maybe the head cold that sucked the life out of me for almost two weeks.  But no, I'll accept my failure.  Next year, I will have to prepare in advance and actually write some reviews (gasp!) before October to make this (and real life) work.

In the works Failed to Review:
Children of the Corn
Creature From the Black Lagoon
The Fog
The Innkeepers


  1. Is it the most wonderful time of the year already?! I am happy to see Cabin in the Woods on your list. As for some suggestions: I would still like your take on Hostel (one or two), Big Trouble in Little China (probably considered action, but there is horor-ish stuff going on), Black Sheep, May, Little Otik, and Omega Man (every list needs a little Heston).

    1. I'm not planning to see Black Sheep this year, but I have seen it and thought it was pretty awesome. You've recommended Hostel to me a couple of times now, and while I'm not a big fan of torture porn, I'll give it a shot this month. But I can't do that AND May this year. Torture, rape, and awkwardness are things that I don't need in excess. In movies.

      I've never seen Omega Man. Would you qualify that as more of a horror movie or a sci-fi flick?

    2. It boggles my mind how offensive people think of the Hostel brace (soccer talk for two goals). I think it is just good fun and horror, but I suppose I am completely desensitized to blood and such. Hell, by today's standards, it is probably a walk in the gore park. As for Omega Man, I think it could be equally categorized as either horror or sci-fi, if memory serves. The biggest justification lies in the fact that you have not reviewed a horror flick with the greatest actor of all-time, Mr. C. Heston.

  2. If you're looking for something new I recommend: Creature From the Black Lagoon; Dagon; From Beyond; Hellraiser I and II; Lifeforce; The Dead Next Door; or John Carpenter's Vampires. Many of which are available on Netflix streaming. I won't say that they're all great movies, but they're all at least interesting.

    As for old favorites there's always Scream; Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors; Evil Dead 2; Re-Animator; Dawn of the Dead; Frailty; Killer Klowns From Outer Space; Bloodfeast; Any Resident Evil movie.

    Also, I would really love to read your take on The Wickerman Remake.

    1. I am definitely doing Hellraiser this month --- thanks for reminding me. I might do Vampires, but that movie is so awesome I can watch that any time of year (same goes with the Evil Dead trilogy). I'm definitely considering Creature From the Black Lagoon (since I don't have any classics in queue so far), any of the first three Nightmares, and something Lovecraftian. Damn! My list is filling up fast!

    2. And you're right, I need to see the Wicker Man remake.

  3. i had typed a long response here but my butthead of a computer erased it. i am glad to see you reviewing horror films this month, as i am intensely fascinated by them. a few recommendations:
    1) the brood (david cronenberg film from 1978, so it can seem a little dated, but has one of the best horror movie premises i can think of)
    2) event horizon
    3) the house of the devil (shot in the style of an 80s movie, on 80s film, but with modern day effects.. pretty awesome)

    that is all.

    -the camouflaged cigarette

    1. Ah, the infamous's been a long while.

      I've never heard of The Brood, but Cronenberg's always an interesting fellow. Good call and consider it on my list.

      And you're right. House of the Devil is pretty sweet: